Faculty Experts | Religion and Feminism

Our faculty offer a depth of expertise on women's issues and concerns, as well as the innovative work contributed by female faculty in theological and religious disciplines.

Cynthia Moe-Lobeda

Topics of Interest: The climate crisis as related to race and class, Theo-ethical inquiry into economic globalization, Theo-ethical inquiry into moral agency and hope, The ethical implications of resurrection and incarnation, Faith-based resistance to systemic injustice, and Earth ethics as the intersection of social justice and ecological well-being

Susan Abraham

Topics of Interest: Feminist Theology, Catholic Theology, Religion & Politics, and Religion & Cultures

Kirsi Stjerna

Topics of Interest: Luther's theology and spirituality; feminist and gender approaches; and the Finnish Luther School, Lutheran theology, sources, and hermeneutics with contemporary concerns for freedom, equality, and justice, Luther and the Jews, Luther and the Book of Genesis, especially the creation and the fall of Eve, Women and the Reformations/Reformation theologies and histories with gender perspectives, & Protestant Reformations, foundational texts, and theological orientations.

Faculty Experts in Religion and Feminism

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