Faculty Experts | History & Culture of Religion and Spirituality

Our faculty represent a depth and breadth of expertise on religious and spiritual practices, culture, and beliefs, from ancient times to the present. 

Kathryn Barush

Topics of Interest: Material Culture of Religion & Pilgrimage Studies, History of Art & Architecture

Dr. Barush takes an interdisciplinary approach to art history and is especially interested in expressions of belief across a number of religious traditions.

Thomas Cattoi

Topics of Interest: Christology, Patristic Theology, Patristic Spirituality, Comparative Theology (especially Christian- Buddhist dialogue), Tibetan Buddhism, & Contemporary Systematic Theology

Arthur Holder

Topics of Interest: Christian Spirituality as an Academic Discipline, History of Christian Spirituality, Anglo-Saxon Spirituality, Benedictine Spirituality, Celtic Spirituality, & Medieval Christian Exegesis of the Song of Songs

Sam Shonkoff

Topics of Interest: German-Jewish thought, Hasidism and Neo-Hasidism, Philosophy of religion, Jewish hermeneutics, & Formulations of dynamics between corporeality and spirituality

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