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Gestures to the Divine: Works by Hagit Cohen

Thursday, September 6th 2018 to Thursday, December 13th 2018

Israeli-born artist Hagit Cohen applies the technical precision and vigor of digital photography to the shamanic rituals she incorporates into her daily life. The smallest plant seeds and pods, gathered on the East Bay trails and other traveled countries, demand hyper-focused attention and take center stage in Cohen’s minimalist prints. Strange forms loom large, casting intricate shadows, some resembling calligraphic marks, some resembling dance scores. “Nothing is too small to be the object of wonder or to hold powerful significance in the cycle of life,” says Cohen, who installs her work to create the space of awe, contemplation, revelation, and prayer.

This exhibition was curated by Alla Efimova, the Principal and Founder of contemporary arts management company, KunstWorks.

To supplement this exhibition, a catalogue was produced. Gestures to the Divine: Reflections on Eco-Spirituality features the artwork of Hagit Cohen with an introduction by Dr. Alla Efimova and essays on eco-spirituality by Dr. Jay Emerson Johnson, Dr. Devin P.  Zuber, Matthew Hartman, Dr. Rita D. Sherma, Keyona Saquile Lazenby, Yohana Junker, and Dr. Cynthia Moe-Lobeda. This catalogue was co-sponsored by the University of California Botanical Garden at Berkeley and GTU Women's Studies in Religion. Learn more about how to purchase this catalogue.

View more of Hagit Cohen's work currently on virtual display at the David Brower Center.