Archived COVID-19 Campus Operations

Effective January 21, 2022:

  • Please consult the respective websites of member schools, centers, and affiliates as each school will have differing COVID protocols. Some schools are starting the semester with remote learning, some are offering on-line courses all semester. Some schools are requiring two vaccination shots plus a booster; some are specifying that N95 or KN95 masks be worn. 

  • Also consult the Consortial Registrar’s web page for updates.

  • Most GTU courses will be presented using remote modalities. Some are starting remotely with the hope of meeting in-person later in the semester, and a few courses are meeting in-person from the beginning. Please contact your professor if you have questions about your course format. 

  • The GTU requires two vaccination shots to enter the Hewlett Building for classes or library use; in the coming months, a booster may be added to that requirement. Please continue to send your vaccination verification to In compliance with California health regulations, masks are required in the Hewlett Building (through at least February 15). K95 or KN95 masks are preferred.

Effective December 15, 2021:

  • In accordance with California's revised health guidelines, face coverings are required when inside a GTU building, irrespective of vaccination status.
  • This policy will be in effect through January 15, 2022.

FALL 2021 COVID-19 PROTOCOLS (Update: September 9, 2021)


Full vaccination required for
in-person classes

Full vaccination required for in-person activities

Face masks required for in-person classes/activities

* To cross-register for in-person classes within the GTU consortium, students must provide proof of vaccination to their home school registrar. Students cross-registering at UC Berkeley will receive information on uploading their vaccination verification to the UC Berkeley Tang Center after their completed cross-registration form is turned in. *


Yes, GTU students should send copy of vaccination card to Read the GTU student vaccination policy.

Yes, be prepared to show ID card and proof of vaccination for entry. 


GTU library 


Yes, be prepared to show GTU library card and proof of vaccination for entry.



Yes, students have been contacted by the Registrar with instructions on how and where to send proof of vaccination

No definitive decision has been made on this at this time.



Yes. CDSP students contact for information about submitting vaccination card. GTU students cross-registered for CDSP courses must provide proof of vaccination to their school or the CDSP registrar and must check in at the Welcome Center for access to the classroom.

Yes. All visitors to campus must check in at the Welcome Center and show proof of vaccination.





Yes, indoors, based on current health directives from Berkeley, Alameda County, and California. 

If later health directives allow the vaccinated to be maskless indoors, DSPT will allow it. DSPT will comply with future health directives.


Yes. For more information, see:




Yes. JST students should provide vaccination verification to William Troche,




Yes. PLTS student vaccination cards are uploaded at Cal Lutheran. Students should contact Leslie Veen,




Yes. PSR students should send copy of vaccination card to

Yes, be prepared to show proof of vaccination for entry

Yes, for the foreseeable future


Yes. for more information, contact




Yes (note: no in-person classes in Fall 2021)




Effective June 22, 2021:

  • Social distancing is no longer required, except as mentioned above.
  • Shields and dividers are no longer required. GTU’s facilities team will begin to remove those as their schedule permits. 
  • We have eliminated the floor monitor system. Employees are no longer required to check in with their monitor before they come onto campus. Instead, please continue to self-screen at home and if you have any symptoms, stay home, and notify your supervisor if you are unable to work. 
  • Employees and library patrons no longer need to sign in and out when entering and exiting the building. However, guests, contractors and vendors will still be required do so through September 2021, unless notified otherwise.
  • Through December 2021, only consortium members will be allowed to physically enter the library to study, access texts and utilize library services.