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2002-03 Newhall Awards

Student, faculty member, and subject of the proposal. For more information or to contact any of the faculty members, visit the GTU Faculty web pages

Thomasin Alexander and Lewis Rambo
Conversion to Christianity

Jorge Aquino and Clare Fischer
History of Western social thought

Kate Bellm and Alejandro Garcia-Rivera
Theology, aesthetics, and the arts

Jade D'Aquilarive Benson and Alicia Forsey
Unitarian-Univeralist history

Byron Breese and Doug Adams
Environmental Religions: Cosmology and Art

Joanne Doi and Uriah Kim with Fumitaka Matusoka
The Bible, Memory and Asian America

Brian Froese and Randi Walker
Religious themes in the Californian Experience

Lee Gilmore and Richard Payne with Clare Fischer
On pilgrimage

Jennifer Hughes and Rosemary Ruether
Latin America Religion and Theology

Bula Maddison and Naomi Seidman
The Bible and Modern Literature

Carol Manahan and Carol Robb
Garden Praticum: Mediterranean agriculture

Joseph Marchal and Antoinette Clark Wire
Feminism, Rhetoric, and Paul

Henry Millstein and Rebecca Lyman
Christianity and Empire in Late Antiquity

Tamara Rodenburg and Lew Mudge
Ecumenical Social Ethics in an Age of Globalization

Yik Fai Tam and Judith Berling
Chinese Popular Religiosity

Tara Zdzienicki and Michael Morris
Religion and the Cinema


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