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Newhall Fellowship

Newhall Fellowship

Newhall Fellowships are competitive awards for GTU Doctoral students in collaborative teaching or research with faculty mentors in the belief that such collaborative work would contribute to the professional development of the students and the mission of the GTU. Awards are given for fall, spring or both semesters, but the application process takes place only in the Fall. (If you apply for funding for two semesters, please not that the Awards Committee will fund projects for the one semester in which the course is to be taught or the research conducted.) Generally, awards are at least $3000 per semester. The design of the project should require the student to spend only about 5 - 10 hours per week. Newhall awards offer a wonderful opportunity to work closely with professors whose interests and approaches parallel the student's on projects that often would not be possible under other circumstances. The Newhall applications must come from both the student and the professor for a project involving both of them. The awards are designed to support both students (through grants) and faculty (through offering assistance to their research and teaching).

Criteria for Receiving a Newhall Award:

  • the qualifications of the persons involved
  • the quality and nature of the project
  • the level of mutual collaboration
  • the extent to which the project as described would be educational and beneficial to the student
  • in the case of courses or curricular projects, whether they strengthen academic cooperation at the GTU, either through the doctoral program, through inter-school courses at any level, by offering a unique course which would enhance curricular offering significantly, or by enhancing diverse pedagogical approaches
  • contributions of faculty members involved to the doctoral program and other consortial programs are considered in determining awards
  • preference will be given to students who have not received a Newhall previously
  • students may recieve Newhall Awards for no more than two years
  • each member school and the GTU my nominate one student each year to serve as a teaching assistant or instructor under faculty supervision
    • nominations from the member school dean must be received in the GTU Dean's Office by Friday, November 13, 2020
    • all other requirements of the application process apply as usual, except that mutual collaboration will not be required as long as the proposed course is deemed of value to the nominating school's curriculum

Proposal Guidlines: 

When students submit a proposal for a Newhall Award, the following items should be included and these issues should be addressed:

  • For Research Assistants: specific content of research and its end goal
  • For Teaching Assistants: specific information on course content, learning outcomes, and student's role 
  • For students teaching courses under faculty mentorship: draft syllabus with course title (29 characters maximum including spaces and punctuation), field codes, course level, course description, student learning outcomes, reading assignments, assesment methods, and outline of class sessions
  • Substantial letter of recommendation from faculty nominator outlining student excellence in study and qualifications for teaching or research assingment
  • Suitability of proposed project for advancing student's professional development
  • Record of faculty's involvement in doctoral program or consortial-wide cooperative teaching and research
  • How the project enhances the goals of the consortium in promoting excellence in research and teaching among faculty and students
  • For all applicants: Student's current CV

Newhall committee members rank applications on the merits of the written proposals. Outstanding persons with poorly developed proposals will not receive an award.

Students should take the initiative in finding out which professors would be interested in providing assistance--especially when the student thinks such a working relationship would be beneficial to both the professor and the student. Even if the student does not have a particular professor in mind, it is a good idea to make known (perhaps through the Department Chair) what their interestes and qualifications are. Often the professors themselves are looking for capable students to work with them, but they don't know the students well enough to seek out those best suited for their projects. 

One of the stipulations of the Newhall fellowship is that the recipients write a brief report and description of the work accomplished. This report should be submitted to the GTU Dean's Office by the end of May 2022.

To be considered by the Awards Committee, the application and supporting materials are all due no later than Friday, November 13, 2020, 5:00 PM. Late materials will not be accepted.