Geografías Paralelas: Coronado, Fernández, Arceo

Thursday, September 7th 2023

Geografías Paralelas, "parallel geographies," is an exhibition of artworks by the artist collective PESARE. Formed of three artists who migrated to the USA as young adults from Latin America and the Caribbean, PESARE seeks to create transcendence with equilibrium and balance by basing their work on their multicultural and bilingual experiences.

René Arceo (Mexican), Pepe Coronado (Dominican), and Sandra C. Fernández (Ecuadorian) met during the early 2000s through mutual art acquaintances, and have worked together since on various creative projects. Their diverse backgrounds, cultural influences, and personal interests allow for a rich interaction on issues of immigration, sociopolitics, and history.

This exhibition will be available to view online in Spring 2024.

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