Know Yourself and Know Others: Myers Briggs Workshop

Wednesday, November 6th 2019, 2:00pm to 5:00pm
Cardoner, Jesuit School of Theology of SCU, 1735 LeRoy Avenue Berkeley, CA 94709

Presenter: Clare Ronzani, Lecturer in Christian Spirituality, JST Career Advisor.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a self-report instrument that helps us to understand our personality preferences. Based on the work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, it provides a positive approach for understanding and valuing individual differences. This workshop will provide a basic interpretation of the MBTI, focusing on our giftedness and areas of potential growth. Time allowing, styles of leadership and implications regarding spirituality will be introduced. Each participant is asked to take the MBTI questionnaire before the workshop so that individual scores can be provided. (If you have already taken the MBTI and can provide your scores, there is no need to take it again unless you choose to.)

Please register with Mary Beth Lamb, by Friday, October 25 and pick up the questionnaire from her office, Room 107. Questionnaires will need to be returned by Monday, October 29.