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Celebrating the Life and Work of Fr. Michael Morris, OP

Friday, September 23rd 2016 to Tuesday, January 31st 2017

Memorial Service, September 23, 2016, 2 - 4 pm, GTU Library

Members of the GTU community are invited to a Memorial Service and Art Exhibit opening that celebrates the life and work of Fr. Michael Morris, OP.

The Memorial begins at 2 pm. The event includes music, speakers, videos, refreshments and viewing of the art exhibit that consists of his writings and some of the objects that he collected over the years for the Santa Fe Institute, of which he was the director.

Fr. Michael (October 19, 1949 - July 15, 2016) was a much loved Dominican priest, professor and writer. He joined the Dominican order in 1972, after earning a BFA from University of Southern California. From there, he received a BA in Philosophy from St. Albert's College,Oakland, in 1974; a MDiv from the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, Berkeley, in 1977; MA in Art History, University of California,Berkeley, in 1979; and PhD in Art History from University of California, Berkeley, in 1986.

A professor at DSPT, he is known for his writings on religious art and iconography in Magnificat and other publications; his collection of religious cinema posters; his biography of the film and costume designer and wife of Rudoph Valentino, Natacha Rambova; and his overall ministry.

Here are several links regarding Fr. Michael:

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Funding for the memorial and exhibition was provided by the Jane Dillenberger Fine Arts Endowment.

Celebrating the Life and Work of Fr. Michael Morris, OP
February 1 - May 31, 2017

The wall portion of the exhibition space continues with materials collected by Fr. Michael Morris. The second floor art wall features Catholic devotional objects and paintings and the first floor displays a few of the many movie posters on religious themes collected by the Dominican priest, who died last summer.

Below is the video from the memorial service. Speakers in sequence::  Judith Berling, Welcome/Introduction;  Clay-Edward Dixon,  A Word about the Exhibition:; Harry Cronin, Opening Prayer:;  Fr. Chris Renz,  Introduction of Speakers;  Fr. Michael Carey, Holly Mitchem, Carla DeSola and Steve Georgiou.