Beauty of Ink Free Calligraphy Workshop with Ronald Nakasone

Wednesday, March 7th 2018, 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Graduate Theological Union, 2400 Ridge Road Berkeley, CA 94709

Ronald Y. Nakasone began his study of the art of sho (calligraphy) with Morita Shiryū (1912-1998) in 1969. He has participated in a number of group exhibitions in the US and abroad, including with the AIAS since 2002. The Muse de Arte Contemporáneo in Santiago, Chile hosted his most recent solo exhibition, Formas sin Forma: El Arte de la Caligrafiá Japonesia during June and August 2017. Among his many sho related publications are: “Beauty Is the Color of Truth: The Aesthetic Geography of the Art of Sho,” in Religion: Material Culture (McMillian Reference, 2016; and “On Learning and Teaching the Art of Sho (calligraphy),” Spotlight on Teaching Religions and Religiosity. American Academy of Religion, vol. 19 no., 2014.

Enrollment is limited to 6 participants per session. To register, contact

The Collaborative Learning Space is the large glass room on the main level of the library.