34th Annual East Bay Tikkun: A Day of Learning on Shavuot

Sunday, June 5th 2022, 1:30pm to 6:20pm
1301 Oxford Street Berkeley, CA 94709

Join us on Sunday, June 5 for A Day of Learning on Shavuot for the 34th Annual East Bay Tikkun, hosted by the Jewish Community Center of the East Bay (JCCEastBay) and co-sponsored by CJS. CJS Professors Deena Aranoff and Sam S.B. Shonkoff are both teaching during this day-long progam across multiple locations in Berkeley.

Professor Shonkoff will teach at Congregation Beth El's Founders Grove at 2:30pm on "Child Mind and Hasidic Spirituality," which will look at one of the striking innovations of early Hasidism which was to celebrate the freshness, spontaneity, and exuberance of child mind. And yet this was also coupled with an honoring of elderhood. Professor Shonkoff's class will look at some sources that envision what it means to be "old" and "young" at the same time.

Professor Aranoff will teach at Congregation Beth El's Founders Grove at 4:30pm on "Torah and Time," which will explore rabbinic accounts of the receiving and transmission of the Torah and the notions of time and circumstance that organize them.

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