WSR Graduate Student Conference on Women & Religion

2023 WSR Graduate Student Conference on Women & Religion

The GTU Student Conference celebrates Interreligious and Interdisciplinary voices and scholarship on issues involving Women and Religion.

Topics include but are not limited to feminist theologies, womanist theologies, mujerista theologies/Latina feminist theologies; theologies from the perspectives of Indigenous women, Asian-American feminist theologies, queer/trans theologies; gender issues in sacred texts, ritual, liturgy, history, or the practice of religion, environmental and disability justice themes; the role of women in a particular religious tradition; considerations of the Divine Feminine, Feminine Deity, and the Sacred Feminine; approaches to philosophy of religion that highlight feminist concerns; and ethics from feminist, womanist, mujerista/Latina feminist, Asian-American feminist, or Indigenous perspectives.

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Conference Flyer

Student's Abstract  

Order of Program


Explore Panel Video Recordings and Slide Shows Below:

Panel 1:  Women Practicing Their Faith with Faculty Presider, Dr. Kirsi Stjerna

Presenters: Lisa Calvez, Zeinab Vessal, Raya M. Hazini, Yanan Lu

Panel 2: Women Empowering Each Other with Faculty Presider, Dr. Diandra Erickson

Presenters: Mina Yi, Amanda Kairys

Panel 3: Women Making Meaning with Faculty Presider, Dr. Deidre Green

Presenters: William Klein, Casey Averbook, Katy Dickinson

Panel 4: Divine Female Power Faculty with Presider, Dr. Paula Arai

Presenters: Olivia Tabert, Charissa Jaeger-Sanders, Letesa Isler