Rookie Card Beyond Value

Josefina J. Card, Ph.D., who prefers to go by J.J., first learned of the GTU from her friend, Judy Larsen who serves on the Board of Trustees as the representative for the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary. Larsen approached Card to see if she would accept a nomination to the GTU Board of Trustees. Moved by the interfaith and multireligious mission of the GTU, Card agreed. In her first year as a Trustee, she has seen in action her belief that there are many roads to God, and that the GTU clearly helps articulate those roads.

In her professional life, Card is Founder and President of Sociometrics Corporation. She is an expert at translating behavioral and social health research findings into products and services for use by researchers and practitioners alike. Her fields of expertise are HIV/AIDS and teen pregnancy prevention. She is also an expert at evaluation research, training, and strategic plan development.

She is excited about the impact the GTU has in a complex, globalized culture. While fully aware of the challenges, she is reasured by the passion and intelligence she has seen on the Board. “I see my role as a Board member to foster sustainability, help all member constituents, and implement best practices all while highlighting what is unique about the GTU. I am glad to provide my time, talent, and treasure to further its mission.”