GTU Excellence in Teaching Award

Established in 2003, the GTU Excellence in Teaching Award (formerly the Sarlo Excellence in Teaching Award) is given annually to a member of the GTU core doctoral faculty who embodies in an exemplary manner the values of interreligious sensitivity and commitment, interdisciplinary approach and content in teaching, sensitivity to ethnic and cultural diversity, and creative and effective classroom pedagogical methods and performance.

Below you will find a listing of winners of this annual award.

  Year   Awardee
2003 Judith Berling
2004 Fumitaka Matsuoka
2005 Clare Fischer
2006 Doug Adams
2007 Gina Hens-Piazza 
2008 Jerome Baggett
2009 Lewis Rambo
2010 Alejandro Garcia-Rivera
2011 Ronald Nakasone
2012 Boyung Lee
2013 Mia Mochizuki
2014 William O'Neill
2016 Barbara Green
2017 No award given
2018 Jean-François Racine

Arthur G. Holder

2020 Rebecca Esterson
2021 Mary E. McGann
2022 Devin Zuber
2023 Ted Peters

















The Graduate Theological Union expresses its appreciation for the generosity of the Sarlo Family Supporting Foundation, which provided financial support to establish the award and funded the honorarium given to the winner each year from 2003 through 2016.