Grants & Writing Prize


Spring 2018 Deadline TBD

The Center for the Arts & Religion is pleased to offer grants (up to $2,000) in support of projects that center on religion & the arts. Projects might include travel to a conference to present a paper or to conduct research, funding to assist with an art workshop, or fees related to a theatrical performance. Student projects are more likely to receive funding if linked directly to a student's progress toward a GTU degree or certificate program. 

Please note priority is given to Graduate Theological Union students- Doctoral students are the highest priority, followed by MA, and MDiv. As a policy, CARe/GTU grant funds cannot be used to fund student immersions.

Who is eligible?  The application process is open to all GTU students, faculty, and staff. Previous grant recipients may apply for new or follow-up grants, though CARe's preference is to support first-time applicants. CARe Advisory Committee members are ineligible for grants.

Deadline: TBD

Applications forms must be fully completed and electronically submitted to Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted. Each application will be carefully considered by the CARe Grants Commitee, and notification will be provided in 6-8 weeks. 

Requirements? Awardees should reference GTU/CARe in presentations, publications, and promotional materials. Awardees are required to provide a short presentation as part of CARe's "Brown Bag", lunch series (first Friday of the month) and/or to submit a blog post for this website. 

If, for any reason, the project cannot be undertaken or completed, all funds must be returned without delay. Awardees must submit an updated W-9 form to the CARe office; CARe will forward the necessary paperwork to the GTU in order to release funds.

Writing Prize

Spring 2018 Deadline TBD

The Center for the Arts & Religion Writing Prize ($250) recognizes a paper that incorporates artwork, themes, and/or content from a current Doug Adams Gallery exhibition. The paper must demonstrate direct relevance to the exhibition and excellence in writing. Papers should be 1200-1500 words in length, with the author’s name on each page and the word count noted on the upper right corner of the first page. Papers should be submitted to Late submissions will not be accepted.

Each paper will be carefully considered by a CARe ad hoc committee. Notification will be provided in 6-8 weeks.

Who is eligible? All currently enrolled GTU students.

Deadline: TBD

Requirements? The prize winner must present the paper in a "Brown Bag Lunch" (first Friday of each month) or other agreed upon public presentation. The paper will also be featured as a CARe blog post. Awardees should reference GTU/CARe in any related presentations and publications.  In order to release funds, awardees must submit an updated IRS W-9 to the CARe office.