Faculty Directory

Rev. Dr. Takashi Miyaji

Assistant Professor of Shin Buddhist Studies

Consortial Faculty
(510) 809-1444

Rev. Dr. Takashi Miyaji has been a minister since 2014 and currently works as a part-time minister at the Southern Alameda County Buddhist Church in Union City, CA. In addition, he teaches as an assistant professor at the Institute of Buddhist Studies in Berkeley, California since September of 2020.

He graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a Bachelor’s Degree with a double major in Philosophy and Japanese with a minor in Buddhism; Institute of Buddhist Studies at Berkeley, California with a Master’s in Buddhist Studies; Ryukoku University in Kyoto, Japan with a Master’s Degree in Shin Buddhist Studies; and completed the doctoral coursework at Ryukoku University as well as his dissertation, which is entitled, “Shin Buddhist Ethics (Shinshū Rinri no Kenkyū).” He specializes in the areas of Japanese Buddhism and religion, translation of Buddhist scripture, and Jodo Shinshu doctrine and ethics.

Takashi received his Tokudo and Kyoshi qualifications at the Honpa Hongwanji school located in Kyoto, Japan.


Degrees and Certifications

2019 Doctor of Philosophy, Ryukoku University (Kyoto, Japan)
2013 Master of Buddhist Studies, Ryukoku University
2010 Master of Buddhist Studies, Institute of Buddhist Studies
2006 Bachelor of Arts, University of California, Berkeley

Hokyo rank: Academic title recognized within the Nishi Hongwanji (2016)
Kyoshi Ordination (2014)
Tokudo Ordination (2012)

Research and Teaching Interests
  • Shin Buddhist doctrine and contemporary social issues
  • Translations of sacred texts
  • Shin Buddhist hermeneutics and exegesis
  • Three Pure Land Sutras
  • Shinran’s works
  • Interfaith dialogue
  • Topics on race, cultural identity, and complexities in translation and cultural exchange
  • History of Shin Buddhism as well as the history of Buddhism in America
  • Issues on Doubt and Shinjin in Shinran’s Thought
Selected Publications

English translation of Gomonshu’s (Head Priest of Nishi Hngwanji) book entitled, Moving Forward Just As You Are: Living in These Uncertain Times 『ありのままに、ひたむきに』

A member of the Shin Buddhism Translation Series, a translation committee that completed the English translation of Tanluan’s works: Commentary on the Treatise on the Pure Land, and Gathas in Praise of Amida Buddha.

English translation of the book into English entitled Ryu-dai, The First Step: “The Founding Spirit” of Ryukoku University

“An Examination of Shinran’s Notion of Doubt: Particularly in the Scope of the Ōjōyōshū” in Journal of Indian and Buddhist Studies, Vol. LXIII No. 2 (March 2015)