Faculty Directory

Edward L. Krasevac, OP

Professor of Theology

Consortial Faculty
At the GTU since
(510) 883-2082
Degrees and Certifications

STLic, Jesuit School of Theology, 1989
PhD, Graduate Theological Union, 1986
MDiv, Dominican School of Phil. and Theology, 1978
MA, St. Alberts College, 1974
BA, cum laude, University of Santa Clara, 1971

Research and Teaching Interests
  • The concept of Praeter Intentionem in Aquinas
  • The relations of the virtues to paradigms of human life
  • The relation between faith and history in Christology
Selected Publications
  • "The Good that We Intend versus the Evil that we Do: An Old but Revealing Case”. Listening 39 (2004): 398 406.
  • "Can Effects That Are Inevitable and Instrumental Be Praeter Intentionem? Another Look at Aquinas' Understanding of Sit Proportionatus Fini." Angelicum 82 (2005): 77 88.
  • "The Intractably Hard Cases of Lethal Defense of Life: Continuing Reflections on Praeter Intentionem." Angelicum 87 (2010): 273 282.
  • "Between the Scylla and Charybdis of Faith and Fact." Logos 5:4 (Fall, 2002): 109-123.
  • "Goodness and Rightness Ten Years Later: A Look Back at James Keenan and his Critics." American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 77 (2003): 535-48.
  • "Salvation 'Thanks to' or 'In Spite of' the Cross?" New Blackfriars 93 (2011): 572-79.
Courses Taught

Fundamental Moral Theology

Historical Foundations of Christology

Contemporary Christology

Natural Law

Passion of the Western Mind