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Urgency for Intersectional Justice: Amplifying Women's Studies in Religion as a Faith-Driven Pathway

Tuesday, May 11th 2021, 4:00pm

This lecture is aimed to focus a positive light on Women's Studies as a pathway or focus area of specialization that many graduate schools might have; yet are we under-utilizing this opportunity, even at the GTU?! Across theological education, emphasis on Women's Studies in Religion can become a path to attract diverse voices to raise new lenses of scholarship, ministry, and justice praxis. As the outgoing chairperson of GTU-WSR, I want to raise some observations about credible contributions that Women's Studies in Religion could offer if amplified to encourage women and (men) to examine intersectional disparities and non-traditional approaches. I suggest that faculty and students can be more intentional to forge pathways that take seriously the justice issues continually raised by intergenerational and interfaith voices beyond binary presumptions that inhibit identities and otherwise, limit the authenticity of diversity and equity. 

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