Presentation on Jornada por la Justicia

Tuesday, September 17th 2019, 6:45pm
Manresa, Jesuit School of Theology of SCU, 1735 LeRoy Avenue Berkeley, CA 94709

Mauricio Najarro, Ph.D. candidate in Religion at the GraduateTheological Union, and Fr. Jon Pedigo, Director of Advocacy and Community Engagement at Catholic Charities of Santa Clara, will describe the “Jornada por la Justicia,” co-hosted by the Latinx CatholicLeadership Coalition and the Hope Border Institute, in response to the inhumane treatment of migrants at the U.S. border and the recent shooting that targeted Latinx people. This presentation is for all those who wish to learn more about these social justice issues in relation to faith and Catholic social teaching, as well as those who may wish to participate in or provide support to the pilgrimage.