Islam as a Template for Jewish Self-Understanding presentation by Dr. Susannah Heschel

Tuesday, February 25th 2014, 12:30pm

"Islam as a Template for Jewish Self-Understanding: Theology, Scholarship, and Politics in European Jewish Imagination, 1833 to 1933" presentation by Dr. Susannah Heschel, Dartmouth College. 



GTU Library Dinner Board Room

2400 Ridge Road Berkeley, CA 94709 


Dr. Heschel will examine the question: Why have so many Jewish scholars been drawn to the study of Islam? From the 1830s to the 1930s, Jewish scholars came to dominate the field of Islamic Studies in Europe. Dr.Heschel's talk will discuss these contributions of these Jewish scholars to the nascent field of Islamic Studies; the very different kind of "Orientalism" their network promoted; and what their studies of Islam contributed to modern Jewish self-understanding. 


For further infromation, please contact or call 510-649-2482

Co-sponsored by the Center for Jewish Studies and Center for Islamic Studies