Interfaith Movie Event with Lighthouse Mosque

Friday, March 1st 2024, 4:00pm
Lighthouse Mosque, 620 42nd Street Oakland, CA 94609

ICP Event: Interfaith Movie Event with Lighthouse Mosque

Please join the GTU's Interreligious Chaplaincy Program for a film screening of Three Chaplains, with a discussion following, at the Lighthouse Mosque on Friday, March 1 at 4:00pm. 


Muslim chaplains in the U.S. military support and defend the religious rights of all service members. However, being a visible Muslim leader sparks accusations of disloyalty and even disapproval, including from within their own communities. Resiting calls to blend in, the caplains fight to maintain a balanced devotion to Islam, the Constitution and the military. They fully embrace their Muslim identities while in uniform and show what a diverse U.S. Armed Forces really looks like.