The Importance of Interfaith Understanding

Tuesday, May 26th 2020, 12:00pm
Online Event, 2400 Ridge Rd Berkeley, CA 94709

Our distinguished panel—led by Michael Pappas and which includes Mahjabeen Dhala, a religious motivational speaker, who is pursuing a doctorate at the Graduate Theological Union; the Rt. Reverend William Swing, president and founding trustee of the United Religions Initiative (URI), and Sam Berrin Shonkoff, Ph.D. assistant professor of Jewish studies at GTU—will discuss the connections among the the Abrahamic faiths, the unfortunate general lack of knowledge of the others' histories, cultures, and beliefs, and how increased understanding, tolerance, acceptance, respect, etc. among all faiths could help bring about a more peaceful world. They will also share expressions of faith and how Interfaith communities interact in the midst of the horrendous COVID-19 crises. 

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This event is sponsored by the Commonwealth Club of California.

This event is online only