DSPT Art Forum

Thursday, May 2nd 2024, 7:30pm
St Dominic's Church, Parish Hall, 2390 Bush St San Francisco, CA 94115

Join us again for the Art Forum organized by DSPT alum Nathalia Bell, featuring students from DSPT. Co-sponsored by the GTU Center for the Arts & Religion.

Artists and scholars will present their creative practice, which will be accompanied by a brief talk relating to philosophy, theology, and aesthetics, followed by a Q&A.

Van Morrison's album Saint Dominic's Preview is based on St. Dominic's Church in San Francisco. Now St. Dominic's will continue to cultivate this creative inspiration and heritage by hosting this year’s DSPT Art Forum.

The presenters are Charles Wright (musician), Evan Underbrink (writer), Br. Philip Gerlomes, OP (liturgical architecture), and Isabelle Anderson will speak on Oscar Wilde and his Catholic and aesthetic influences. 

Curator and Organizer: Nathalia Bell
Moderator: Br. John Paul Puschautz, OP

Poster art by @nathalia.bell

. . .

Evan Underbrink is a writer and scholar on the intersection of aesthetics, philosophy, and theology. He holds graduate degrees from Duke and Boston College, and his most recent publications include "Milford: A Poet's Life in Spiritual Retreat", and "Coracle Days", both available from Vitality: Buzz Books + Bliss. Evan currently lives in Berkeley, California.

Charles Wright grew up in North Carolina. His parents are both music teachers; he grew up playing the violin. Later, Charles went on to perform and record experimental music. He is a recovering musician turned philosopher who is seeking to recover from philosophy by becoming a musician. He now lives in Berkeley and is pursuing an MA in Philosophy at the DSPT.