CLGS Souls a’ Fire 7 — Black Queer Theology: An ONLINE Conference

Saturday, March 13th 2021, 9:00am to Sunday, March 14th 2021, 11:00am
ONLINE via Zoom -- See links below to Register! , 1798 Scenic Avenue Berkeley, CA 94709

13-14 March 2021 | Register Below for Day One and/or Day Two of this Conference

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Why this gathering is important:

This event will highlight an inclusive vision among African-American pastors, parishioners, and community leaders on the topic of welcoming and including our LGBTQ / Same-Gender Loving brothers and sisters in the life of the church community.  Leading this discussion will be seminarians, professors, and pastors who will share their cutting-edge research on Black Queer Theology.

Come listen to and reflect on the presentations from the next generation of thought-leaders on these transformative topics. Curriculum and film resources will be available for participants.

We are proud to be continuing the rich tradition of encouraging our young scholars in their current work as well as learning from seasoned theologians and preachers as they explore the intersections of African American culture, the church, and LGBTQ identity. It also promises to be a time of retreat and inspiration through ritual, praise and worship. CEUs are now available!

Souls A’Fire is not a people of color space only.   All are welcome!


Saturday, March 13 – Day One

12 pm ET/9 am PT – Welcome, Introductions, Schedule Review and Worship

12:30 pm /9:30 am  – Dr. Shawnee M. Daniels-Sykes, Professor of Theology at Mount Mary University

1:15 pm/10:15 am – Worship with Brian Londrow, Music Minister at MCC Detroit

1:30 pm/10:30 am – SAF Fellow first presentation

2:15pm/11:15 am – SAF Respondents to first presentation and audience Q&A

3 pm/12 pm – Worship with Brian Londrow, Music Minister at MCC Detroit

3:15 pm/12:15 pm – SAF Fellow second presentation

4 pm / 1pm – SAF Respondents to second presentation and audience Q&A

4:45 pm/1:45 pm – Worship with Brian Londrow, Music Minister at MCC Detroit

5 pm/2 pm – Closing of Day One

Sunday, March 14 – Day Two

Worship Service with MCC Detroit featuring Rev. Dr. DeWayne Davis, Senior Pastor Plymouth Congregational Church Minneapolis – 11:00 am EST on Zoom and Facebook Live