CLGS: Radical Inclusion in the Age of Covid-19: An ONLINE Webinar with Bishop Yvette Flunder

Saturday, September 19th 2020, 12:00pm to 3:00pm
ONLINE at, 1798 Scenic Avenue Berkeley, CA 94709

Bishop Yvette Flunder (with The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries and Senior Pastor of City of Refuge UCC Congregation in Oakland, California) will conduct a virtual conversation with religious leaders on how to think about the future of congregational ministry in this age of Covid-19.  Although our methods must change, our mission does not have to.

No matter if you are a leader in a family-sized congregation or a mega-church, this information will help you consider planning for our "new normal."

All are welcome at this ONLINE WEBINAR.  REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Click here to register.