Clergy Sexual Abuse: A West Coast View

Thursday, February 14th 2019, 6:45pm
Loyola, Jesuit School of Theology, 1735 Le Roy Avenue Berkeley, CA 94709

Bishop Oscar Cantú of San Jose will speak from the vantage point of his ministerial experiences in Latinx communities in California and New Mexico. Paul Crowley, S.J., SCU professor of Systematic Theology and editor of Theological Studies, will discuss global aspects of the crisis in light of an upcoming special issue in TS. Sr. Beena Kallely, a GTU doctoral student who wrote her STL thesis at JST on child sexual abuse in India, will give a South Asian perspective on sexual abuse of women in the church and the family. Vivian Nabuule, a recent JST graduate from Uganda, will draw upon her lay-ministerial experience in the African context to address the crisis.

Questions include:

*How does the crisis play out in local west coast parishes with strong Asian and/or Latinx populations?

*What can we learn from international members of our community about clergy sexual abuse and cover up in their home parishes?

*What problematic ecclesiologies contributed to the problem?

*What better vision of church do we need?

Co-sponsored by the Jesuit School of Theology, the Markkula Ethics Center, and The Ignatian Center