Birth and Rebirth from the Water at SAT

Monday, April 9th 2018, 10:00am to 3:00pm
School of Applied Theology, 5890 Birch Court Oakland, CA 94618

Birth and Rebirth from the Water
Presented by Bula Maddison, Ph.D. 
They were all baptized into Moses . . . in the sea. (1 Cor 10.2)
From the emergence of the cosmos out of the watery deep in the creation story of Genesis 1—2 to the baptism of Jesus at the Jordan, we can read numerous Biblical stories as births and rebirths from the water. In the foreground for many will be the freedom story of exodus and conquest: the flight to freedom across the Red Sea, and crossing the Jordan River to enter the Promised Land. The Bible’s exodus finds one of its most profound expressions in the American musical form we call the spiritual. Tragically rooted in our shameful history of slavery in the U.S. south, this musical tradition retells the Exodus story—for the slaves, a story of hope for freedom in this life through escape to the north, freedom in the next life in heaven’s Promised Land. Water crossings take a central place in this story. This presentation gives the opportunity to read and interpret these and many other Biblical watery stories, with ample time also for music listening. 
April 9, 10AM-3PM, $95 (lunch included), School of Applied Theology

School of Applied Theology is an affiliate of the GTU based in Oakland