Art Break with the Hangtown Fry

Tuesday, March 15th 2022, 5:00pm to 6:00pm
Online Event, 2400 Ridge Rd Berkeley, CA 94709

Colyn Wohlmut, Director of Library Services at the GTU's Flora Lamson Hewlett Library, will be offering a live performance on Zoom with her fellow bandmates, to celebrate the release of their new album!

The Hangtown Fry are Kevin Brownell, Vern McElroy, and Colyn Wohlmut. They play a new style of music: Citygrass. It's a "loud on the inside" blend of country, soul, bluegrass, rock, funk, blues, love, loss, friendship, joy, longing, beer, whiskey, weed, and a little bit of prayer thrown in for good measure.

Kevin Brownell (songwriting, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, vocals) grew up with music in his blood. An accomplished multi-instrumentalist, he's played different instruments in bands of all genres in locales from the East Coast to the West. He's quite proud of the Hangtown Fry and loves putting all of the band's influences together to make the sound they do.

Vern McElroy (songwriting, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, vocals) started out playing bass for bands in the East Bay until he lost a bet with some Deadheads at Harbin Hot Springs and has been on guitar ever since. A rock n' roll lifer, this is his first band playing exclusively acoustic. His burning passion for music and deep lyrical sincerity comes across in every note of his masterful solos and elegant songwriting.

Colyn Wohlmut (bass, vocals) is a natural, hard-working musician with a feel and open-mindedness for music that not many people have. After taking many years off from music and deep-diving back into double bass, she's working on making the world a better place one bass note at a time.

We are so excited to learn more about their music-making process, and hear some of The Hangtown Fry's work!

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Take a listen to the album At Home With the Hangtown Fry!

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