Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences

Over its 35-year history, the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences (CTNS) has distinguished itself as a world leader in the field of theology and science. Our continued success depends on the generous support of individuals who share our mission to bridge theology and science, and there is much important work to be done.

Each gift you make to the GTU's Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences directly supports this mission and helps ensure that it will continue in the future.

CTNS Fund Choices

Each of the four funds listed below provides support for essential CTNS programming. Click any of the links below to give online via Paypal, or send a check payable to the Graduate Theological Union,  Advancement Office, 2400 Ridge Road, Berkeley CA, 94709. (Include the name of the fund in the memo line of your check.)  

CTNS General Fund   
Support teaching, CTNS Public Forums, Theology and Science, website resources, CTNS E-News, and more.

The Ian G. Barbour Chair in Theology and Science   
Support faculty research and seminary and doctoral education at the Graduate Theological Union.

The Russell Family Research Fellowship   
Support a worldwide leader in theology and science in sharing their research with students and the local community.

The Charles H. Townes Graduate Student Fellowship   
Support the training and promising scholarship of current students in the field of theology and science.