The Creatives' Cove


The Creatives’ Cove student group was conceived and envisioned by GTU PhD student G.M. M’Imwonyo Mbui as a retreat space for artists of all shades, interests and abilities to converge and create, all within an atmosphere of trust and playful abandon.

As there is no rubric against which to gauge one’s work of art, the Creatives Cove encapsulates the following objectives:

  • provide a place of refuge for artists to connect and engage in collaborative artistry
  • foster a culture of holistic integration of academic responsibilities and creative impulses
  • serve as a conduit for bridge-building conversations and border-crossing initiatives
  • facilitate the creation of meaningful relationships in academic, creative, and public spheres

A typical Creatives’ Cove forum can include a wide array of creative activities, from painting, drawing, collage-making, poetry-writing, song-sharing, story-telling, drumming, knitting, gardening, baking, and more! There is only one chief agenda for any Cove assembly: creating with fun!

Get involved!

To find out more about upcoming activities or to share any ideas for meetings please reach out to co-leaders Charissa Jaeger-Sanders (, or Lydia Webster (

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