Celebrating 50 Years of Jewish Studies at the GTU

The CJS @ 50 conference and celebration on May 3, 2018, was a huge success!  We celebrated 50 years of Jewish studies at the GTU with an academic conference, a collaborative oral history of the CJS, and a special thanks to all those who supported CJS over the years. The GTU dedicated a special edition of its bi-annual magazine, Skylight, to CJS's anniversary.

Click here to read the program booklet from the conference.

CJS Collaborative Oral History

Listen to the recording of the collaborative oral history from the CJS@50 conference. 


Naomi Seidman, Intro | Miriam Roland: 2:10 | Danny Matt: 12:11 | David Biale: 19:10 | Charlotte Fonrobert: 25:47 | Joshua Holo: 33:40 | Arthur Holder: 41:16 | Erich Gruen: 48:34 | Open mic: 1:00:49

CJS Collaborative Oral History

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