Chan Essay Prize

Chan Essay Prize in Religion and Economics

The Chan Essay Prize is of about $2500 and was established in 1987 by the Lionel Chan Family Endowment. To enter, submit an original essay, a term paper for a course, or a chapter of a thesis or dissertation, with an introduction and conclusion to frame it as an independent essay. The evaluating criteria are as follows:

  • Genre: Within the specific genre (essay, sermon, term paper, chapter of a larger work), does the entry exhibit excellence?
  • Topic: How well does the topic engage?
  • Creativity/Contribution: given the audience of the genre, how much of an original or creative contribution is made by the paper? Does it offer fresh insights or simply rehash materials already available?

The topic alternates from year to year. In odd-numbered years (Fall 2017), the topic will be: "Identity and Practice across Religious Boundaries: exploring a particular concept, theme, or practice in two or more religions (e.g., Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, etc.)." In even-numbered years (Fall 2018), the topic will be "Religion and Economics."

Deadline(s): September 15, 2017; September 17, 2018

Hardcopy submissions can be submitted to the GTU Dean's Office; online submissions can be sent to