Certificates for Degree Students

The GTU offers a variety of certificate programs designed for students who either want to explore theological study for a year before embarking upon a degree program, or who want to add an additional area of expertise to their degree. For some this is for a discernment opportunity, for others a way to enhance learning.  As these are graduate certificates, students entering must hold an accredited bachelor’s degree.

All applicants must submit official transcripts from institutions in which a degree was earned to the Admissions office. International students who have not earned a degree from an English-speaking institution are required to submit official TOEFL scores with an expected minimum score of 80 (internet based). Cost per course can be found on the tuition and fees page.

Certificate in Asian and Oceanic Cultures and Faith Traditions

This certificate program is an interdisciplinary, multi-faith, and cross-cultural program that takes advantage of the academic offerings of the GTU.  The overarching aim of the Certificate is to facilitate a richer, more differentiated understanding of the faith traditions of Asia and Oceana. Students are required to take an introductory course providing the basic grounding in the student of Asian and Oceanic cultures and faith traditions, as well as three additional courses at the GTU or UC Berkeley on Asian and/or Oceanic cultures and faith traditions.

To register, students submit an Intent to Enroll form.

Certificate in Black Church/Africana Religious Studies

This certificate program has a particular methodological orientation that reflects the global, ecumenical, and interreligious perspective of the GTU. The Black Church is but one expression of the broader phenomenon of African American Religion.  Spatially, the phenomenon of African American Religion encompasses West Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America and North America. Requirements include the Black Church/Africana Religious Studies seminar for a basic grounding of approaches, and then three additional 3-unit approved courses at the GTU or the UC Berkeley African American Studies Department, and participation in one colloquium series. 

To register, submit an Intent to Enroll form.

Certificate in Women’s Studies in Religion

This certificate program is for enrolled GTU students who wish to concentrate on women’s studies in theology and Religion, and draws upon the innovative work of women faculty and students at both the GTU and UC Berkeley. Completion of the certificate requires the Women’s Studies in Religion seminar offered every year, completing three additional courses (at least two with a religious or theological component) at the GTU or UC Berkeley, and participate in three colloquia of Women’s Studies in Religion series.

To register, submit an Intent to Enroll form.