ResoNation: Sacred Sounds Beyond Borders

ResoNation: Sacred Sounds Beyond Borders

A Global Sacred Music Convocation in September 2019

The Graduate Theological Union is pleased to announce ResoNation: Sacred Sounds Beyond Borders, a sacred world music convocation premiering in September 2019 that will present music that celebrates and heals the human spirit, transcends borders, and engages the whole person and wider community.

ResoNation: Sacred Sounds Beyond Borders will be launched with a two-day event in mid-September 2019, featuring an evening concert on Saturday, September 14 (venue TBD) followed by a daytime event for all ages at the Pacific School of Religion on Sunday, September 15. The inaugural evening concert is intended to attract a wide audience and will be in a Berkeley venue. The community event on Sunday will be participatory, providing opportunities to experience primarily Bay Area artists and scholars in an informal workshop setting. In addition to the annual festival, future programming will include academic conferences, symposia, seminars, and lectures.

About ResoNation: Sponsored by the Graduate Theological Union, the most comprehensive center for the graduate study of religion in North America, ResoNation celebrates the global diversity of sacred music in ways that will illuminate, entertain, and engage. We have an expansive understanding of what constitutes the sacred, interpreting “sacred sounds” as those that inspire the spirit and create a sense of wholeness, wellness, and liberation. With leadership from the GTU’s Center for the Arts & Religion and representation from academic centers and schools representing a wide spectrum of the world’s great religious and spiritual traditions, ResoNation will showcase musical events that highlight performance, participation, and inclusivity. Our aim is to create an international community of artists and scholars that come together to celebrate values of healing and human well-being.

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For more infomation, contact Dr. Eleanor Shapiro