Student Groups and Committees

GTU students range in age from mid-twenties to early seventies, and have families and/or obligations within their communities, denominations, and/or professional networks. Not all live in Berkeley, and many find it necessary to work to support their studies. Community is something that is built intentionally by committed individuals. Student community provides an avenue for sharing resources and experiences, learning about faculty, making a difference.

Students are encouraged to organize support groups and the Dean's office is happy to help publicize their formation and meetings through the Dean's Newsletter. 

The Dean of Students office works with those interested in forming a group. Currently the GTU has a few active groups, and have had a full range of student endeavors in recent years, including the Applied Ethics Think Tank, the Evangelical Round Table, the Theological Roundtable on Ecological Ethics and Spirituality (TREES), Peace and Justice Efforts Across the Consortium, Latino/a Scholars, and an Interfaith Meditation Group.

Current Active Groups Include

Korean Student Association
GTU Korean Student Association (GTU KSA) is a group established to serve Korean-American and Korean students pursuing various degrees from GTU member schools. The main purpose of the Association is to share Korean cultural heritages with GTU community and to foster the interaction among the members. Due to the diversity in denominations, GTU KSA facilitates the networking and an ecumenical dialogue among the membership. The students actively participate in local Korean congregations in Bay Area and bring theological richness to the churches.

The activities of GTU KSA include traditional Korean Dinners, area discussions, and public lectures. The Association also leads worship services for GTU member schools as well as cultural celebrations for the community.

You may contact the Korean Student Association through its president, Hyehyun Han, a GTU doctoral student.

Student Advisory Committee

The Student Advisory Committee (SAC) consists of six doctoral students serving rotating two-year terms. The SAC meets several times a semester (starting early in each semester) for 1 1⁄2 hours with the Academic Dean and Dean of Students. The Student Advisory Council advises the Deans and proactively advocates on behalf of student needs/concerns/issues. Specific duties include: formally participating in the incoming doctoral student orientation; hosting at least one open meeting with students per semester (the meeting is held early in the semester to leave time to follow-up on issues raised); collaborating with the Deans to develop accountability procedures to make sure student concerns are addressed; working with the Deans to make sure the composition of the SAC addresses the diversity among the students.

SAC members for the 2017-2018 academic year are:  Thomas Calobrisi, Sheryl Johnson, Andrew Lee, Lea Macinskas-Le, Pravina Rodrigues, Eric Sias.

Student Committees

Doctoral Council

Kate LeFranc (THEO)
Laura Dunn (HCSR)

Student Advisory Committee

Thomas Calobrisi (HCSR)
Sheryl Johnson (THEO)
Leah Macinskas-Le (STI)
Pravina Rodrigues (THEO)
Eric Sias (BIBL)
Mahjabeen Dhala (SATX)

Grievance Committee

Ineda Adesanya (HCSR)

Library Committee

Andrew Lee (HCSR)

Doctoral Student Representative to the GTU Board of Trustees

Olga Yunak (IDS)

Student Representative to the SBL

Sarah Kohles (SATX)

Student Representative to the AAR

Jennifer Fernandez (THEO)