Life at GTU

Your experience at the Graduate Theological Union equips you, as no other place can, to conduct critical and creative scholarship that addresses the most urgent needs of our time.  And it takes you to the San Francisco Bay Area--home to virtually all of the world's religions and diverse cultures.  This community weaves a rich tapestry of celebrations, art forms, cuisines, and worship against a backdrop of inspiring natural beauty.

The proximity of our member schools creates a dynamic intellectual community that draws scholars from around the world.  Most of the schools are clustered within walking distance in a quaint urban neighborhood.  Our hilltop offers breathtaking vistas across the San Francisco Bay and easy access to the coffee shops, bookstores, and other small wonders of a vibrant city.

The GTU's partnership with the University of California, Berkeley, just a few blocks away, further expands our scholarly vision and influence.  This environment empowers both students and faculty to explore new ground and crystallize their personal beliefs.

Outside the classroom, the GTU community gathers in many ways: study groups, potlucks, and forums or conferences on special topics.  The member schools house seven centers and programs, such as the Asian American Center, the Program in Christian Spirituality, and the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry.  Such groups as the Evangelical Round Table and the Korean Student Association uphold distinct communities, and others sponsor interdisciplinary forums.  TREES (Theological Roundtable for Ecological Ethics and  Spirituality), a GTU-UC Berkeley student initiative, is just one example of collaborations that form where religion meets scientific and social issues.