Course Schedule

You can access the GTU course schedule through the SONIS portal: 
Using the search screen, you can locate courses by:

  • semester
  • subject
  • faculty member
  • time or place
  • keyword
  • course level
  • or location.

If you have a question about the content of the course schedule, contact the Consortial Registrar's Office at 510/649-2462.

Technical Problems
If you are trying to access the Course Schedule outside of the GTU and get a 'Page Cannot Be Displayed' message or other error, it may be the result of unexpected server problems at the GTU. This may also be caused by Internet connection problems associated with your computer or ISP.

You can verify that it is not a connection problem associated with your computer or ISP by trying to access a different web site. If successful, then try going back to the Course Schedule page and clicking "Refresh" on your browser.

For immediate needs, please use terminals in the GTU’s Hewlett Library or the Berkeley Public Library.