Copyright Policy

The Graduate Theological Union (GTU) is a community of learners, teachers, and researchers committed to working together in an academic environment. As scholars we are committed to open discourse, free inquiry, and the wide dissemination of the fruits of our labors. In our daily work we depend on the work of others to fuel, validate, or challenge our endeavors. As teachers and learners we respect and value the intellectual property of others.

It is the policy of the GTU that staff, students, and faculty, utilizing materials created by others in our teaching, learning, research, or other service within the Consortium will do so in compliance with US Copyright Law.

The GTU Library maintains a compilation of Copyright Resources in order to assist members of our community to know and understand our individual rights and responsibilities relating to the lawful use of intellectual properties. The guide includes important information regarding the US Copyright Law, the TEACH Act, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, as well as valuable information related to the fair use doctrine, the lawful reproduction of materials, and other issues that affect teachers and learners in residential and distance learning programs.

The materials included in these guides do not constitute legal advice but are provided to assist us to make informed decisions as we make use of intellectual properties related to our work at the GTU.