Buddhist Studies






Scott Mitchell and Eisho Nasu

The Non-Pursuit of (Unsustainable)
Happiness: A Buddhist View
Scott Mitchell (Ph.D. '08) and
Eisho Nasu (Ph.D. '96)



This Area of concentration is available to students affiliated with the Institute of Buddhist Studies.


Students in the program are required to take a breadth of courses in Buddhist Studies, while also gaining an exposure to other religious traditions and a variety of approaches to the study of religion. The course of study culminates in a thesis in which the student demonstrates his/her grasp of a specialized area of study within a broader context, either Contemporary Shin Buddhist Studies or Buddhist Studies generally.


M.A. Requirements

In addition to the general Common M.A. application requirements, admissions requirements for the M.A. in Buddhist Studies include satisfactory completion at the undergraduate level of two 3-unit courses (or equivalent) in Buddhism, Eastern religions and/or Eastern Philosophy, and one course in comparative religion or world religions. 



Core Doctoral Faculty

Daijaku Kinst (IBS)

Scott Mitchell (IBS)

Richard Payne (IBS)

Consortial Faculty Resources

David Matsumoto (IBS)

Seigen Yamaoka (IBS)