Dossier Service

GTU Dossier Services are available for GTU doctoral graduates and doctoral students in ABD (all but dissertation) status seeking teaching appointments in higher education in religious studies. The service includes periodic e-mail notification of job openings in religious studies, a webpage with links to job search resources and a dossier service (outlined below). The Professional Development Program is an excellent resource for developing important skills while navigating the job market. We also recommend that you seek the guidance of your advisor and committee members.

To open a dossier file, visit the dossier services instructions page.

Job Announcements


Professional Development

  • Doctoral Student Professional Development
    Lists various workshops presented through the GTU's professional development program. Also contains advice on successfully completing all components of the Doctoral process.

Regional Colleges and Universities


Ten-Year Limit

We keep your dossier in our files for 10 years after your graduation. At that time, the Assistant Dean will check in and see if you would like to continue for an additional 5 years. With your permission, your dossier will be digitized and archived digitally for 75 years. Paper copies will be destroyed. Please note – after 10 years, it is not likely that your dossier, unless it has been regularly updated, will not serve you professionally. We highly recommend that you continue to update your professional references throughout this time with any additional recommenders who can comment on you professionally. It will be up to you to request updated letters from your recommenders, but it is important to do this every couple of years so that your letters will reflect any current progress and professional growth.