Remembering GTU Trustee, Dale Walker (1943-2023)

Remembering GTU Trustee, Dale Walker (1943-2023)

BERKELEY, CA, July 14, 2024—The Graduate Theological Union is deeply saddened to share news of the passing of Dale Walker, a long-time member of the GTU’s Board of Trustees, after an extended battle with cancer. As an esteemed and highly respected trustee, Walker served for over 12 years in a number of capacities, including as Chair of the Finance and Academic Committees; participating as an active member of the Advancement and Executive committees; and an enthusiastic supporter of the GTU’s 5-Year Strategic plan, including its DEI Initiative, the thriving GTUx platform, and other aspects of the GTU’s future strategic vision.  

“Dale was wise, and smart,” said William D. Glenn, Chair of the GTU Board of Trustees. “He believed in the power of discussion and dialogue to build a better world and was a voracious advocate for lifelong learning. He was a curious, focused, thoughtful contributor to many conversations at trustee meetings and beyond, and graciously giving of his time, energy, and insight. He was a gentleman and generous mentor to me when I assumed this position and throughout my tenure.” 

In addition to his roles on the GTU Board of trustees, Walker was a retired bank executive, financial advisor, and member of the Board of Trustees of Beneficial Bank. He held a strong commitment to addressing issues arising from economic inequality, served on Boards for the Pacific Vision Foundation and Cambridge Science Corporation, and participated in the Harvard Advanced Leadership Institute in 2017.  

In his own words, Walker was excited by “the opportunity to contribute skills from my life and career, working with others, to support the growth of the GTU.” When asked about what inspired his commitment to the GTU, he said, “I am excited about two elements of our mission: the furtherance of understanding and peace among religions; and, also the education of the secular in matters of social, environmental, and economic justice.” 

“It has been an honor to be able to work with Dale Walker in advancing the mission of the GTU, and in the greater work of fostering peace and equality in the world,” said Uriah Kim, GTU President. “He was truly committed to his values and demonstrated them in everything that he did. His generosity and guidance have helped immeasurably in enabling the GTU to provide cutting-edge scholarship and opportunities for timely dialogue on interreligious and interdisciplinary topics, and to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape. On behalf of the entire GTU community, we will miss him dearly.” 

A celebration of Dale Walker's life is planned for early fall. For more information, including his obituary, visit here