Muslims and the Excluded Middle

At a September 17 event, GTU President James Donahue spoke against the violence perpetuated in Libya and Egypt, actions which spawned protests around the world, following the circulation of a 14-minute movie trailer maligning the Prophet Muhammad. They addressed a full-house alongside of Hatem Bazian, UC Berkeley and Zaytuna College; Zaid Shakir, Zaytuna College; and Hamza Yusuf Hanson, Zaytuna College. Hanson is also a doctoral student at the GTU. The panel was moderated by journalist Sandy Tolan.

The event, “Between Militarism and Extremism: The Excluded Middle,” was organized by Zaytuna College and co-sponsored by GTU’s Center for Islamic Studies and UC Berkeley. In addition to the capacity crowd inside of Zaytuna’s new building located on Holy Hill (2401 Le Conte Avenue), almost 5,000 watched the panel live through streaming video. Watch the recorded panel: