GTU Launches Initiative Exploring “Spiritual Care and Ethical Leadership for Our Times”

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GTU Communications

In response to the COVID-19  pandemic, the GTU is launching a new content series titled "Spiritual Care and Ethical Leadership for Our Times: Interreligious and Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Faith, Resilience, Culture, and Community in an Age of Uncertainty." 

Beginning March 23rd and continuing through May 22nd , the series will draw on the wisdom of the world’s faith traditions, spiritual practices, and scholarly insights to offer messages of resilience, hope, insight, and inspiration to GTU community members and to the public. It will include weekly blogs and videos that will be available to the public taught by scholars, spiritual leaders, and cultural critics from across the GTU. 

Scholars will address such questions as: What is the moral obligation of individuals, spiritual leaders, businesses, and others to respond to this crisis? What is the meaning of dialogue and connection in a mostly virtual environment? How might we find a path toward spiritual connection at a time of social distance? 

According to Dr. Uriah Kim, Interim President and Dean, “As we all confront the hard challenges of this crisis, we also see the remarkable resilience of the human spirit. We have extraordinary opportunities to care for one another, to uplift each other, and to engage the spirit of justice and compassion central to so many faith traditions – and at the heart of the mission of the GTU.”