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GTU Celebrates Women's Voices

GTU celebrates women scholars

The Graduate Theological Union has put out a call for stories of women who graduated from our programs. Our alumnae are doing amazing things in the world--what better way to celebrate our history and our diversity than to share their stories?

At the GTU, we are proud to have been early proponents of diversity in theological education.  Students from different religious traditions have been learning together for decades.  In particular, as you read in our earlier letter, we lift up and celebrate our high percentage of female students, particularly compared to our peer institutions.  We continue to strive for higher representation of women in graduate theological education.  

Working toward this goal of forming and supporting women theological and religious scholars, we are seeking stories of female graduates of the GTU, who hold a special piece of the GTU’s history.  We are launching a campaign to share one hundred stories (or more!) of women scholars at the GTU.  Women are asked to submit a short (100-word) paragraph about when they began to think of themselves as sholars, when they felt mentored by a professor, or how the GTU supported their formation during their time here, plus a photo and a one-line description of what you are doing now.  We will highlight these stories on the GTU website and on our social media channels beginning in December 2017.  

Alumnae who are willing to participate are invited to share their stories with us by e-mail at admissions@gtu.edu

Thank you for your consideration, and thank you for being part of what makes the GTU great!

Not feeling inspired?

Here's an example to get the stories flowing!

"My learning at the GTU was shaped not only by my academic mentors but also by my co-workers in the Student Services office and friends and colleagues from across the consortium. One story stands out: During the week preceding my oral comprehensive exams, a colleague from PSR noticed my stress levels rising and offered to give me a blessing just before the start of my exam. More than anything, her generosity and calm presence assured me I was in the right place. I successfully defended my work, and the experience became a touchstone for me as I moved on to writing my dissertation.”

Beth Anderson (PhD, 2017) currently coordinates a writing program in one of Berkeley's public schools.