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Check out the online edition of the Spring 2017 issue of the GTU's Currents magazine! Highlights include an essay from our new dean, Uriah Kim, who celebrates the GTU’s present and shares his vision for its future, plus a reflection on the bridge-building power of spirituality and scholarship from our alum of the year, Jeffrey Richey. You’ll also get a glimpse of the newly remodeled collaborative learning space in our library, find updates about the Reverberating Echoes exhibition at the Doug Adams Gallery, and learn more about our upcoming interreligious conference on sustainability and the generous donation that’s led to the renaming of our Center for Theology and the Natural SciencesCurrents is mailed twice a year to all GTU alumni and donors—and you can read past editions online via the GTU website. Make a gift today to support the GTU's important work, and never miss another issue!