2013-14 Newhall Fellows

Project Student Faculty

Introduction to Islam

Ali Ataie


Hellenism, Judaism, and Empire

Ashley Bacchi

Deena Aranoff

Israelite House Religion

Jose Balcells

Aaron Brody

Liturgy and Music in East and West

Carl Bear

Lizette Larson Miller

The Incarnational Imagination: Theological Aestehtics and Art in Christian Religious Education

Lawrence Fraher

Eduardo Fernandez

Preaching in Crisis

Veronica Goines

Jana Childers

Theology 1: Introducing the Practice

Lauren Guerra

Marion Grau

Missional Worship

George Hudgins and Khalia Jelks

Jennifer Davidson

Jewish Identity and Race

Elizabeth Ingenthron

Naomi Seidman

Biblical Texts as Contested Figures: Allegory and Truth Prodcution in Early Protestant Commentaries

Sang-yoon Kim

Christopher Ocker

Issues in Interreligious Dialogue

Sungrae Kim

Judith Berling

An Introduction to Sufism

Zachary Markwith

Marianne Farina

Religion, Culture and Vatican II in America: 1945-1989

Christopher Moreland

Joseph Chinnici

Neopagan Liturgy

Michelle Mueller

Ibrahim Farajaje

Living Tradition

Kyle Schiefelbein

Michael Aune

Jewish Revival in Post Communist Poland: using the Past to Create the Future

Eleanor Shapiro

Naomi Seidman

Issues in Divine Action

Mariusz Tabaczek

Michael Dodds

Sources for a Sex-Positive Spirituality

Justin Tanis

Bernie Schlager

Women in Religious Leadership

Rachel Wheeler

Darleen Pryds

Elem Biblical Hebrew I



Elem Biblical Hebrew II