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Remote Materials Pick-up

Pick-up of Remote Learning Materials

Steps to Take to Request Pick-up of Library Materials to Support Remote Learning

The library is offering an opportunity for a one-time per patron pick-up of materials to meet your remote learning needs during the month of May. Should multiple patrons desire the same book, the first request placed will be honored. This service can also include materials already on hold for you, items stored in your locker at the GTU main campus library or materials left on a desk or table in the SFTS library.

As we want to maintain social distancing and safety for all, we will set an appointment schedule to ensure only a single patron will be arriving at any given time. Please read these instructions for a smooth pick-up. 

We do not currently have courier service operating between library locations. We will only be able to collect items for you from your home library. We are also unable to retrieve materials from off-site storage.  

  1. Please place holds on all the items you would like to pick-up in GRACE. Items that are located in your home library and available on the shelf are ready to be reserved.  If you are unable to place holds or need help doing so, email or chat with the librarians on the GTU library website. You can request available books or media items that are on the shelf in your home library only. 
  2. After you have placed all your holds, please fill out this form. You will need to know the total number of items that are available on the shelf and include that number in the form. If you have materials already on hold for you, items in your locker (GTU) or on your assigned table (SFTS) that you would like, include that information as well. 
  3. After we have your materials gathered, we will arrange a time for you to pick them up outside, contacting you via phone and/or email you list on the form. Please do not come to the library at any other time than your appointment, as we will be maintaining social distancing.

Due to staffing levels and the safety of our employees, we are offering each library patron the option to come by one time in May. Depending on the changes to the Shelter-in-Place rules, the June options might be different.

Remote Materials Pick-up Form