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Library Reservations

Curbside appointments (to pick-up books on hold) are listed here:

In-Library Reservations

Updated for Summer 2021: As COVID conditions have improved, we have increased the amount of time and frequency of our in-library study appointments, you may now browse the stacks. This is a phased re-opening, so please note that we started with a very limited number of reservations, and have slowly expanded to more patrons and more time slots, as conditions have improved. Currently, in-library reservations are only available for GTU students, faculty, and staff, but others (alumni, UC-Berkeley students, community borrowers) may get books via our curbside pickup service.

If COVID-19 rates increase or library staff members are unable to be in the building, we may have to pause reservations. Please chat a reference librarian if you have any questions.

Here is a video about what to expect when the library re-opens. (14 minutes)

We will be continuing to offer curbside pick-up of materials and scanning services, so if you or anyone in your household is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please do not come in the building, as it puts the health and safety of our staff and your fellow library patrons at risk. If library staff need to quarantine, please note: library reservations, curbside pickup, scanning, and interlibrary loan services will pause without advance notice. Reference services (chat and email help) and electronic resources would still be available online.

Please read the full policies and procedures below, but here is quick information about this phase.

  • GTU member school students, faculty and staff will be allowed to make up to 8 reservations (three-hours each) per week. You may reserve both the morning and afternoon at the same seat for a six-hour day, with lunch break.
  • If you are interested in using rare books and archival materials, do not use this reservation system, please contact us directly.
  • We will allow 17 individuals in per time slot (plus there will be library staff and student employees working), please give everyone space.
  • Patrons are required to bring all equipment and devices (computers, paper, pens) that you might need.
  • Printing is not available at GTU Library, but contactless printing is available at Moffit Library.
  • Patrons will need to abide by the policies outlined below, including masks and social distancing.
  • *NEW* Once you check-in at your seat, you may get up and browse for books as long as you maintain distance from other people in the building.

table in libraryThe next phases of re-opening will include:

  • More tables and carrels available for reservation- we are up to 17 reserveable seats for the summer.
  • Eventually, opening up to other categories of library patrons including: alumni, UC-Berkeley students, and community patrons. Currently these categories of patrons may use curbside pickup.

Policies and Procedures for Patrons

Making a reservation:

Patrons wanting to use a table in the library for study will request the appointment using the LibCal Seats software. The link is below, but please read all the information before reserving. Eight, three-hour, in-library reservations can be made per week. Please note: You will need a smartphone or laptop to check-in and out of your appointment while at the library. If you will not have one with you on the day of your appointment, please let the staff member know so he can check you in.

Patrons must bring their own laptop, phone, paper, pens, or anything they would like to use during their study session.

Patrons interested in archives, sacred art objects, or rare books should not use the appointment system, but instead work directly with the librarians ( to set up at time to visit with the item.

When you reserve your table, your reservation will be moderated by a member of our staff during weekday, daytime hours. After your reservation is approved you will receive a confirmation email with a three-digit number. You will need this number to check-in and out of the library. If you will not have smartphone or computer with you at your reservation, please write down the confirmation number and table number to be checked in by staff. 

You will want to note where your table is in the building.

Arriving at the library:

Please arrive at the library before your scheduled time and wait outside on the patio with your mask on, and socially distanced from the other library patrons. The library staff will let you into the building at your reservation time.

When patrons enter they should sanitize their hands, and should go directly to their seat, where they can check into the LibCal System using the QR code or their computer and confirm that they exhibit no symptoms of COVID-19. The card with the code will have instructions on how to check in, and information for contacting the reference librarians with questions. Patrons can also check-in from the link in the confirmation email. The check-in window is between 5 minutes before the reservation time, to 25 minutes after the start of the time slot. Reference librarians on the Ask-a-librarian chat can assist with check-in, if needed.

While inside the library:

Patrons will wear a mask the entire time they are in the building, and are allowed to walk around the inside of the building and browse the stacks and use the restroom. Food and drinks (including water) are not allowed inside, as the mask must remain in place. 

While patrons are in the library, they should use the Ask-a-librarian chat if they have reference questions about materials. Library staff in the building are social distancing will not be expected to answer face-to-face questions, but instead will reply to circulation and account related questions via email. 

At the end of the appointment:

Patrons may leave early if they are finished, but will not be allowed to stay late. When they are ready to leave, they should follow the directions on the laminated card, take any materials that are checked out to them, leave the rest on the table, and exit the building. An announcement over the PA system will also remind patrons of the time. Please proceed directly out the door. 

After all patrons have left, library staff will collect all remaining items. Custodial staff will clean and sanitize the card, table, and chair. indicating it is ready for the next patron. 

For morning appointments only: if you have reserved the same table for the afternoon appointment slot, please let the staff member know to mark the table with a table-tent to not be cleared.