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GTU Voices - Introducing the New Chair of the Women's Studies in Religion program

Introducing the New Chair of the Women's Studies in Religion program

By GTU Communications

Barb Kozee, GTU social media specialist, recently interviewed Dr. Ashley Bacchi, the new chair of the GTU Women's Studies in Religion program.

What interested you about chairing the WSR program? 

I had the privilege of being the Program Coordinator for WSR for 4 years during my doctoral program and it was an extremely formative experience for me both academically and professionally.  To have the opportunity to be the faculty chair feels in many ways like coming home. It gives me the opportunity to come full circle and offer back some of the mentorship that I received.  

Why do you see WSR as a relevant focus or lens in our current social context? 

In a socio-political climate marked by fear tactics, othering, and even violence, WSR at the GTU offers a range of inclusive and intersectional methods and exposure to a diversity of perspectives that is critical in creating a dialogic space that pushes boundaries towards healing and liberation.  

What are your hopes for the program in the upcoming academic year? 

This year WSR will continue to navigate new and innovative ways to support just and sustainable community, by helping to foster space for restorative embodied practices, as well as stimulating academic dialogue amid the challenges of this continuing pandemic.  

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