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Master's Program Advisor Handbook

Master's Program Advisor Handbook 

On this webpage you, the faculy advisor, will find a number of resources that will help you in the advising master of arts students.

The MA Program Handbook is your complete guide to the MA program. It can be found on this webpage

MA Quick Guides: These guides are based on the Master of Arts Handbook and the various MA program checklists. These are meant to be an easy reference guide for the program, but you are encouraged to review the handbook for further details. 


Checklists: Use these documents during your advising sessions. They will help you and your student plan the course requirements during their time at the GTU. 

If your student started prior to Fall 2016, refer to these checklists.


All Advisors and Deans are asked to fill out the Thesis Proposal Assessment Form as part of our ongoing assessment of the MA program. Please download and print the form when you are reviewing your student's proposal. You may scan and email it to the GTU Assistant Dean or send it in intercampus mail to the GTU Dean's Office. 


The following forms are included for your refernece. Your student is responsible for filing out them out and requesting your signature. 


Students in Islamic Studies, Hindu Studies, Jewish Studies and Yoga Studies must certify their language requirement with the Language Proficiency Certification PetitionIf a student completed coursework at another institution, they must request to Transfer the courses into their program, and then fill out the Language Proficiency Certification Petition so that the courses can be applied to their degree program and the language requirement.